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Rottnest Museum sculpture garden

The Wadjiemup seedpod
a collaboration with Andrea Carter 

“The Wadjemup seedpod”

The seed is the blue print of the universe. 

It contains the beginning and the end. 

It represents life source, growth, change, trust and hope

Plants can survive in hostile environments, they fight back, they evolve.

We like to use this analogy for Wadjemup, for its dark past,

the trauma that has tinted its shores and for its desire to mend.

A stainless steel and glass seedpod is linked to a woven umbilical cord rising from the ground up. 

The coloured glass highlights the positive and negative spaces of the structure allowing colour and shadows to amplify the power and the potential that a seed carries within. 

The transition between modern sculptural materials and natural elements represents past and present connections with the land. 

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