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Sculptures by the Sea Cottesloe, 2013

Comfort Zone - the Resort

The work I presented for SXS is ephemeral, site specific and interactive. 

"Comfort Zone" plays with the idea of what is comfort and comfortable, and how these 

concepts/realities can vary with circumstance and context. "Comfort Zone” is an outdoor living room, including a three seater sofa, a coffee table and an armchair, situated as close as possible to the shore, and arranged to face the ocean- but made of thousands of sand bags, identical to those used to control the low of water during a flood or tsunami emergency. I wanted to use sandbags for their immediate reference to disaster and how such objects are becoming an unfortunate reality of everyday life for many people. The public will be invited to sit and watch the ocean from this familiar setting, but in an unfamiliar context. The outdoor, ocean environment serves as a constant reminder of the larger picture of everyday  life, a reminder of the inexorable forces of nature that shape it. 

Should we be comfortably watching? Playing? Or should we be more conscious of our precious environment? What kind of attitude should we have towards our  ever changing climate, particularly in direct response to the recent disasters that have affected Australia, Japan and the USA, to name a few. Should we be  actively defending? Confronting what is happening?SXS is largely viewed as an exhibition that is accessible on many levels to a broad section of the community. This sculpture embraces that sentiment, not  just by presenting themes and objects familiar to us all, but by inviting  physical interaction. 

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