Sculpture by the Sea Bondi, 2015 / Sculpture at Bathers, 2015

Crate Poems

This work plays with the notion of interconnectedness between countries where small crates fall off a ship. Ambiguous and enigmatic messages in the form of 3D poems are captured inside these crates washed ashore from the ocean.

My work has often explored the relationship between what is visible and what is invisible, what is superficial, on the surface and what is inside, deeper, hidden. conjuring  ambiguous environments, one where presence is virtual, where people exist in the memory of place. 

The work once again lies between narrative and abstraction, responding to instinct, to discernment with space and time, as an expression of  moods and thoughts. Time is also essential in this work, as the development of a theme unfolds with the working out of thoughts and emotions.

Detail Crate Poems #3 Sculpture by the sea, Bondi 2015

 Crate Poems #1-3 Sculpture by the sea, Bondi 2015

Crate Poems #1-2-3  Sculpture@bathers 2015

View Crate Poems #2- Sculpture@bathers 2015

View Crate Poems #2- Sculpture@bathers 2015

Detail Crate Poems #1- Sculpture@bathers 2015

Detail Crate Poems #3

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