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February 21-March 01,  2020

Sometimes. Gallery

New Work at SOMETIMES. Gallery6 King Williams Street, South Fremantle WA 6162

Opening: Friday 21 February, 5-8 pm 

Exhibition: 22 Feb to 01 March, 11-5pm daily


An exhibition of new work on canvas and paper

The work aims to explore the realm of spoken and unspoken words, our understanding and listening abilities specifically in the intimacy of our relationships.

Alessandra’s work lies between what is visible, tangible and what is invisible, hidden inside; between reality and abstraction. She tries to conjure an ambiguous environment, one where the presence is often virtual, where people exist in the memory of a place.

As a fragment of a larger picture, Rossi’s paintings intend to reveal aspects of a more complex existence and through them seek to take the viewer to places where they might not necessarily go on their own, somewhere between fantasy and reality, actual and fiction.

“I have aches in my brain for wondering too hard and aches in my feet for wandering too long“

- Alicia Cook

A.Rossi Untitled ( i Can Hear You ).jpeg

Untitled (I can hear you) 2019 oil and wax on canvas 970 x 760mm

A.Rossi Lookng both ways.2019 910x910mm

Untitled (I can hear you) 2019 Ink and oil on canvas 910 x 910mm

the listener 2019 Oil and wax on canvas  1100x 1100mm

A.Rossi Figure ad Cloud ( red).jpg
A.Rossi Figure and Cloud (black).jpg

Under a black cloud 2019 Pigment, oil and wax on canvas 410x510mm

Under a red cloud 2019 Pigment, oil and wax on canvas 410 x 510mm


Absent, Distant (here) 2019 ink and acrylic on canvas 1100 x 1100mm


Thoughts 2019 Oil on canvas 410x510mm


A Kiss  2019 oil on canvas 1100 x 1100mm

Whispering words  2019 oil and wax on canvas 1100 x 1100mm


Re-Connection 2019 oil and wax on canvas 910 x 910mm

Of this Land, 2019 oil and wax on canvas 1100x1100mm


I am Land '20 pigment and hand printed collage on canvas 600 x 600mm

I am fire, 2020 

pigment and hand printed collage on canvas 600 x 600mm


in the wind, 2020 oil and wax on canvas 510x410mm

untitled (Fragmented),  2019 oil and wax on linen  760 x 1100mm


in the Land of memories,  2019 oil and wax on linen 1210 x 910mm


looking both ways   2019 oil and wax on canvas 1100 x 760mm

A.Rossi talking heads 2019.jpeg
A.Rossi talking heads1 2019.jpeg

Conversation II  2019 ink and graphite on paper  200x100mm

In conversation I 2019 Ink and graphite on paper 200x100mm


Holding on, 2020 Pigment and acrylic on canvas 410x510mm

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